The Strange Case of the Amateur Video Game Remake

HD remakes are all the rage these days. From Aliens versus Predator to Zone of the Enders, dozens of ageing games are embarking upon comeback tours on modern machines. Some have simply had their code tweaked to run on today’s hardware, whereas others have undergone complete HD makeovers, but they all share that same desire to bring classic experiences to modern audiences – and make a quick buck on the side, of course.

While HD remakes are now as popular with publishers as dubstep and microtransactions, that urge to update games for contemporary hardware isn’t something new. Since before the turn of the millennium there have been small, dedicated groups of fans striving to upgrade their most treasured gaming memories. In the weird world of the amateur remake, fanatical dedication clashes with seemingly impossible goals; and the results of this collision can vary greatly.

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Source: IGN

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