The Biggest Surprises of 2013

2013 was a massive year for video game news. But certain stories, like the launch of two high-end next-gen consoles, didn’t exactly catch us off-guard. So which 2013 video game developments actually surprised us more than anything else? Now there’s a more interesting question.

Read on for our thoughts on those wholly unexpected headlines & game details that bowled us over and delivered something we weren’t at all expecting.

The Last Of Us’s (Us’? Us-es?) multiplayer component. After finishing the fantastic (and extremely fun) narrative of the campaign, I was apprehensive about jumping into the game’s multiplayer mode. I had horrifying visions of randomized deathmatch games where Joel would be charging Ellie head-on with an AK-47, or David and Tess teaming up from (spoilers!) beyond the grave for a buggy game of capture the flag. I was delighted to find that all of these concerns were completely unwarranted – TLoU’s online component was not only fun to play and *relatively* glitch-free, but also made me appreciate the single-player story even more. Adding in the idea of managing a camp full of survivors, survivors you had to fight and kill for to keep alive, humanized the people labelled as ‘enemies’ or ‘bandits’ in single-player. It made me rethink some of the campaign moments wherein I gleefully snapped a guards neck or laughed while I crushed someone’s skull with a 2×4… I’m a terrible person. - Jon Ryan

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Source: IGN

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