The Best Boss Battles of 2013

Gamers beat up a lot of things in 2013, didn’t we? We got into airborne gunfights with freakish beyond-human monstrosities, tore apart bars while going toe-to-toe with creatures from classic fairy tales, and sunk massive battleships all in the name of becoming the most feared pirate in the Caribbean. Well, with the year coming to a close, we thought it would be fitting to take a look back at the boss battles that helped define 2013. Note that some of these come from later moments in their respective game, so there are definitely some spoilers ahead.

The Royal Jelly is one of those classic JRPG boss battles where you’re thrown into the deep end and forced to make liberal use of a new ability you’ve just learned. In this case, it’s the All-Out Attack and Defense options, which really open up Ni No Kuni’s combat mechanics and elevate the game’s RPG battle system to one of the best of 2013. This beautiful, challenging encounter with the boneless royalty forces you to pay close attention to the creature’s tell — when it’s about to attack, you’ll need to have everyone defend unless you want to reload your save. But once you get the hang of this new mechanic and learn the enemy’s weakness, watching your three heroes and their respective critters work in unison towards defeating the massive jellyfish is a great sight to behold.

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Source: IGN

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