Yacht Club discusses Shovel Knight's playable characters, story design, Miiverse interest

A portion of a Siliconera interview with Yacht Club’s Nick Wozniak…

S: Instead of just the one character, you’ve now got four playable characters for the game’s single-player campaign. Will each one have their own separate “What if…” story, or are their stories all going to tie in together?

NW: Those extra characters are going to be a lot of fun to develop! Besides the gameplay differences, we are also hoping to switch up the dialogue a bit and have each one live out their own unique adventure.

S: What are your plans for story-telling? Obviously, the “game” aspect is king when it comes to a game like Shovel Knight, but you’ve said the game will have a strong story aspect as well. So, how do you tell story through gameplay?

NW: Gameplay IS king, but telling the story through gameplay is also one of the most effective ways at telling a story. By explaining what is going on in the world of Shovel Knight through various boss interactions and special story events, we are hoping that the player has a very holistic experience.

S: It might be a little too early to be asking this, but are you thinking of Miiverse features for the Wii U version?

NW: We are thinking of a lot of the different features and special opportunities we have with each platform, but right now I can’t really be any more specific. We are really excited about the Miiverse, though, especially its integration in games like New Super Mario Bros. U…

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