G.Rev on why they picked 3DS for Kokuga, planning more 3DS/Wii U support

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with G.Rev’s Hiroyuki Maruyama…

Nintendo Life: Why was the 3DS chosen over other platforms such as smartphones, tablets, or the PlayStation Vita?

Hiroyuki Maruyama: We actually started the project building a prototype for the PC. Our initial thoughts on a possible platform were the DS, 3DS, or the PSP. Shortly after the project got rolling, we decided on the 3DS as the 3D option worked surprisingly well with the game. We also saw that people had started to buy the 3DS, so that helped us make the decision as well.

Nintendo Life: Do you have plans for any future releases on the 3DS or Wii U?

Hiroyuki Maruyama: Yes, of course, we plan to do more in the future. We hope you look forward to it.

Full interview here

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