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Friday is here, and that’s about the best news anyone could ask for. Let’s get this damn work/school day out of the way and get to the fun stuff! See you in a few, short hours.

I am not going to lie to you guys. Back when Nintendo was riding so high with Wii and DS, I was nervous. I was worried that when Nintendo would bring out their next platforms, they’d go from being king of the hill to clawing and scraping their way back up. After Nintendo’s financial revisions posted today, it’s clear that Nintendo is having a bit of trouble hitting the goals they originally had in mind.

The 3DS isn’t doing poorly. As a matter of fact, it’s doing quite well. You don’t exactly get the title of best-selling game hardware of 2013 by selling poorly. The thing is, Nintendo had a very rough start with the 3DS. They managed to turn that around, but not without a bunch of maneuvers to shift things around. The plan worked and 3DS is kicking some butt. With all that said, it’s not kicking as much butt as Nintendo hoped for in EU/NA. That’s why we’re seeing some revisions made.

The Wii U is where Nintendo is truly hurting. Major revisions on sales from 9 million to 2.8 million show that Nintendo definitely isn’t moving the units they expected. We heard that the Wii U had its best U.S. sales month this December, which one would hope shows some sort of turnaround. I think it’s more likely that the system had its holiday rush, but numbers will shrink back down in a month or two. Quite honestly, I have no idea what Nintendo does from here on out with Wii U.

I absolutely cannot stress this point enough. I am a Nintendo fan and I love Nintendo’s products. I do not wish the company any ill will. I believe they are responsible for some of the greatest game content the world has ever seen. With that said, I do not believe Nintendo has made the best decisions in recent years. There’s not a company out there that has done everything right. Unfortunately, it seems that Nintendo has made more poor decisions than smart ones in recent memory.

What does the Big N do from here on out? If they can’t figure it out, I have no idea what to even say. I’m not here to play armchair analyst. I could never pretend that I know what moves Nintendo should make. Sure, I could make some guesses here and there, but I believe it would be quite silly of me. Nintendo has been around for a very, very long time and has adjusted their business multiple times over. There’s a reason why they still exist to this day and have millions of fans. Nintendo just has to figure out why that is, and I’m sure they’re hard at work on that right now.

What’s it like from here on out for Nintendo fans? It’s going to be the same damn thing we’ve heard for 20+ years now. Nintendo is doomed…they’re on their way out…they make terrible games…no one wants a Nintendo console and all that jazz. You’ve heard it all before, but now the trolls have some fresh ammunition. It’s never a fun thing to deal with, but I think we’ve weathered this storm long enough to be able to hang in there during this rough period.

As Nintendo fans, we have to realize that times right now tough. Nintendo has made some big/small missteps. The company we love has made some moves that put it in a poor position. Be it branding, marketing, the market we’re in or any other number of factors, here we are. Blindly spouting out that Nintendo is fine and they do no wrong doesn’t help anyone. What we can do is look at the facts and present things with a level head.

Nintendo has a warchest that will certainly help them weather this storm. They are not going to disappear due to a Wii U failure. They are not a company to throw their hands in the air and say they’ll give up. It’s clear that things need to change, but Nintendo has shown that they’re at their best when pushed up against a wall. Their struggles during the GameCube era lead them to Wii and DS. Their struggles with Wii U will hopefully push them towards new plans that elevate their game. They’ve proven time and time again that they can blow people away and offer up content and ideas that no one ever saw coming. They’ll just have to work hard to make that happen yet again.

Again, PLEASE note that I’m not down and out on Nintendo. I am not bashing Nintendo. I honestly do care a great deal about Nintendo and their brands. They’re a part of my personality, a method of entertainment that has contributed to a part of who I am. I just feel it important to recognize the issues at hand and the hard road ahead. I know Nintendo is in it for the long haul, and I sure as hell will be along for the ride. I’m no fair-weather fan or bandwagon buddy. I truly believe Nintendo has brought us amazing content unlike any other company and they’ll continue to do that. They just need to revise their business plan in order to reach that mass-market that they’re absolutely capable of.

I hope this feature got my true point across and doesn’t seem like a letter of frustration or hatred towards Big N. That is about as far from the truth as possible. With all that said, please feel free to comment and tell me that I’m a Nintendo hater that is eager to see them fail.

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