Best of the Rest: Thomas’ picks of 2013

Team Joystiq is barging into 2014 with a celebration of last year’s best games. Keep reading throughout the week to see our assembly of ingenious indies and triple-A triumphs.

Pikmin 3

For each day of fruit-harvesting, monster-killing progress I make in Pikmin 3, I burn two or three attempts just mapping out my best possible plan of action on the Gamepad. It’s a style of play that I typically move on from pretty quickly, but making off with a hefty batch of resources without more than a few Pikmin dying in the process is so satisfying that it’s easy for me to stay with it.

It helps that Pikmin 3‘s world is so interesting to explore, too – guiding Pikmin and their tiny captains through caves, snowy hills and grassy pathways is enjoyable even without discovering new treasures. As inviting as the initial cast is though, crossing paths with the game’s creatively stressful brand of wildlife cuts bursts of tension into the task of gathering food. Meeting Pikmin 3‘s roster of unsettling enemies imposes a sense of vulnerability on me, one I imagine my miniature fleets share while following my lead through larger-than-life environments.

Of course, victory feels even better when it involves stomping out populations of nightmarish foes. I’ve never lasted long when faced with obstacles like those found in Pikmin 3, but its offering of challenge in a creative, intriguing world has kept me invested in daily runs for supplies.

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